Flexibly Create your Office Space with our Cubicle and Workstation Partition Systems


Creating task specific work zones for improving productivity in any office

Through a mix of mobile partitions and semi-permanent, sound dampening workstation partitions, any business can create a flexible-multi zone office that utilises all the space you have to offer.

Research suggests that a mix of collaborative spaces, quieter cubicles and focus zones, as well as collaborative open plan areas will create the most productive working environment.

Our HushPanel System and Workstation Screens provide a fully tool-less and modular system to create close, sound-dampened environments for when concentration is valued above collaboration.

With a focus on sound absorbancy and allowing natural light, giving workers the privacy they need to perform at their best is a no brainer. They best thing about Portable Partitions workstations screens is that the system can grow with your business, and even be taken to your next premises without the expense and time wasted on traditional fixed partition sytstems.

Why use a flexible workstation partition system?

Customisability means fit for purpose

Every office needs a different mix of privacy and collaboration. Through the use of a flexible workstation partition system you can create areas specific to different kinds of work to allow the best productivity from all your employees.

Tool-Free Modular Design

Our workstation systems have  tool-free modular design allowing anyone to create and recreate their environment. As businesses becomes more dynamic, being able to change your office configuration is an important signal that you care about your employees.

Superior Sound Dampening

Our HushPanel acoustic panels are at the pinnacle of modern sound dampening technologies. When focus is needed, dampening the noise from our neighbors can increase happiness and productivity when undertaking tasks requiring concentration.

Use Colour and Light to prime productivity

With translucent polycarbonate panels, our screen and workstation systems can maintain privacy whilst letting in natural light. With a wide range of colours to choose to match a well thought out office colour scheme.

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