• Portable Steel Barricade linked and used as temporary fencing at thempark
    Link multiple Steel Barricades to create a continuous temporary fence

Portable Barricade & Temporary Fencing Range

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Key Product Features

We offer two types of barricades and fencing – the Portable Steel Barricade and the Expanding Steel Barricade. The Portable Steel Barricade measure 2.44m long and stands 1.09m high and is a single unit barricade. The Expanding Steel Barricade measures 1.25 high and can expand to any exact length desired up to 4.00m and collapses to 17inches when not in use.

Easy to set-up and install within minutes with little or no tooling required. Simply unbox, join together and place in position.

Durable, strong and lightweight. Includes a high gloss powder coat finish that allows the barricades to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Each barricade unit is linkable to create a gang of multiple barricades.  This approach can be used to accommodate any length and allow for multiple configurations.  Ideal for creating temporary fencing.

The portable steel barricades can be easily lifted and moved to another location by one person. There are many and varied applications including security barricades, temporary fencing, crowd control barricades, traffic barricades, construction fencing, safety barricades, car park barricades, warehouse barricades, bike racks, construction zone barricades and many more.

The Mobile Steel Barricade’s frame can be quickly and easily dismantled for quick storage. Multiple units can be nestle together to reduce storage space. The Expanding Steel Barricade retracts to just 17 inches when not in use for easy storage.

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