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What are Acoustic Portable Room Dividers?

They can be viewed as intelligent space utilsation or dividing systems that allow better use of existing spaces. Built from specialist acoustic materials for superior acoustic performance to dampen unwanted noise.

Versatility & Adaptability

Can be used to split or reconfigure existing spaces. The resulting new spaces can then be used for a range of different functions. Easy to collapse, move and store.

Save Time & Money

To implement permanent room dividers often requires costly, lengthy and disruptive building works. This can be avoided by considering cheaper and more versatile temporary room dividing solutions.

Typical Applications

In reality, there are no typical applications. Everybody uses portable room divers in their own unique way – to create a meeting room, split a room, create a consultation booth, a simple privacy screen, a waiting room or even a mobile gallery. The options and uses are endless!

Key Product Features


We offer two main acoustic panel finishes – fabric and polycarbonate. Both deliver outstanding acoustic performance. Our fabric range uses engineered acoustic panels manufactured from a honeycomb cell core and a specialist acoustic fabric. Our polycarbonate range uses engineered fluted polycarbonate plastic panels with 10mm cells.

We offer two main types of divider operating mechanism – folding and sliding. Our folding systems use a patented 360 degree articulating hinge that  can open at any angle to allow zig-zag, L-shape, curved and straight line configurations. Our sliding systems offer a straight-line stacking configuration where an exact length is required within a space.

Multiple heights and lengths are available.  Lengths range from 2.59m to 9.30m. Multiple room dividers can be easily linked together to create longer continuous lengths.  Our available heights range from 1.83m to 2.29m.

In our fabric range we offer Charcoal Gray, Cloud Gray, Navy Blue and Beige. In our polycarbonate range we offer Clear, White and Charcoal Grey. We can also potentially source specialist colours for custom jobs when required.

You can mix and match panel colours and finishes (fabric and polycarbonate) as required to create your own unique look. Company logos and artwork can also be applied to our polycarbonate panels via decal transfers or screen printed onto fabric panels. Anything is usually possible – just ask and we will give it a go!

Our patented no-pinch seams between panels reduce the possibility of fingers getting pinched and are therefore suitable for any environment where safety is key.  Extra partition stability is created via full panel end member so tipping is not possible.

Most of our systems ship fully assembled and require little or no tooling to install. Simply unbox and position in place.

All of our systems are lightweight and most are supplied with wheels so are therefore easy to move and store.  Most fold down to less than a 1m² footprint.  Simply roll away when not in use for quick and easy storage.

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